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The BU is the 'voice of the export credit insurance industry'

We produce a range of publications through the year including our annual yearbook, regular industry newsletter – ‘the BUlletin’, quarterly ‘business confidence index’, and an annual ‘state of the industry’ data report, as well as interim research reports on themes relevant to international trade.

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'The BUlletin' Industry Newsletter

The BUlletin is a quarterly digest of news, views and statistics from the global export credit and investment insurance industry, curated by the Berne Union.
Quarterly Business Confidence Index

Tracking perceived demand, risk appetite and claims in the export credit insurance industry, based on quarterly surveys of Berne Union Members.
Annual Yearbook Periodical

The yearbook features a collection of topical articles on export credit and investment insurance written by Berne Union members and leading international financial institutions.
'State of the Industry' and Research Reports

Our annual 'State of the Industry' report presents an overview of top-level trends in the export credit and investment insurance industry, based upon analysis of BU data.