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About the Berne Union | About Credit and Investment Insurance

The Berne Union is the leading resource for information on the export credit and investment insurance industry. Our leadership, Members and Secretariat are experts in the field, and well places to provide insight and commentary on any aspect of the business. In addition we hold the most comprehensive and accurate data on the the industry, with information on cover provided, outstanding exposure, claims paid and recoveries collected by country, sector, and obligor type. Berne Union members collectively account for the vast majority of all export credit and investment insurance provided globally, giving us a unique insight broad trends and critical details influencing international trade.

We can provide insightful data and recommend industry spokespersons for press, industry journals and conferences. For information please contact Paul Heaney at the Secretariat.

Information for Members

Members participating in conferences and press events are encourage to contact the Secretariat with requests for data or information on Berne Union initiatives and insights on industry trends.

Members with news updates to share with the community can post via the user dashboard when logged into the members area of this website (so long as they have communications privileges enabled - please contact your company admin for further information).

Berne Union in the Media

Berne Union spokespersons regularly participate in media interviews and conference and contribute articles to leading trade and financial press. Please see links below for recent media engagements.


Follow the latest news and information from the export credit and investment insurance industry, as well as Berne Union events and initiatives via our twitter and LinkedIn community pages