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Climate 101: Climate Strategy and Function in Export Credit

Jun 25, 2024
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Climate 101: Climate Strategy and Function in Export Credit

This online meeting, sponsored by the BU Climate Working Group, will take place on Tuesday 25 June 2024 from 12:00 – 13:30 BST (London Time).

 What is climate finance? How is the climate / ESG function implemented in different organisations? 

How does it relate to other parts of the business? What are the external factors to consider?

Join us to learn from - and share with - your export credit colleagues on how to incorporate climate into your organisation's activity.

Participation is open to all Berne Union Members and invited guests

Joining link will be sent to all registered delegates on Monday 24 June - the webinar is free to join

Please send your questions that you'd like covered during the webinar to Eve Hall and Yerim Lee at the Berne Union Secretariat.


 Tuesday, 25th of June, 2024

 12:00-12:05 BST

Introduction to Climate 101

Scene setting and recap from the Climate Innovation session at the Berne Union Spring Meeting in Oslo

Karin Wessman

Head of Sustainability, and Chair of the Berne Union Climate Working Group



External Factors

Overview of the main areas of regulation, policy commitments, risk assessment and reporting requirements; update from E3F and Net Zero ECA Alliance; cooperation with the banking sector

Ralph Lerch

Head of Export Finance


Toke Philipsen Prahm

Chief Policy Advisor, representing Export Finance for Future (E3F)


Mark Anderson

Climate Change and Sustainability Manager, representing Net Zero ECA Alliance (NZECA)



Climate Strategy and Function in Export Credit 

What approaches are being taken by BU Members to adapt to climate challenges: transitioning portfolios; proactively involving clients; setting ESG policies and incentives; finding optimal staffing levels; reorganising and restructuring operations effectively 

Suhaib Alhosainy 

Chief Risk Officer





Olav Rygg

Chief Commercial Officer, Large Corporates


Haitham Al Khazaleh

Director of Risk Management



Climate FAQs - ask the experts and share your experience

Members Open Mic session

Please feel free to submit your questions ahead of the webinar to Eve Hall and Yerim Lee