The Berne Union Young Professionals Core Group is excited to announce its upcoming webinar entitled “Lessons from Leadership – what can YP’s learn from a CEO?” on 13 May.

Inspiration is the order of the day and the guest we were able to win over for this webinar is handing it out in bundles:

Edna Schöne has served as CEO of the German ECA since 2015. Edna describes herself as a senior leader with a passion for diversity, good governance, leadership, high performance teams and helping people to grow.

And she walks the talk: After playing a major role in developing the ECA’s Sustainability Department and managing the ECA’s contacts to the ministries for several years, she has joined the management of Allianz Trade (of which the ECA is part) in 2015, also gaining valuable insights into the perspectives of private export credit finance.

We want to take this unique opportunity to discuss with her

  • how she defines and shapes leadership,
  • what she appreciates about the current generation of young professionals and what she expects from them,
  • a CEO’s secrets on productivity and the power of stories to get what you want,
  • in which situations she would wish to be the head of a private export credit insurer rather than of the ECA,
  • how she sees the future of private and official export credit insurance

and much more.

It will be an interactive session with a huge variety of topics and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Join us for the YP Technical Webinar on “Lessons from Leadership” on 13 May, 11:00-11:45 GMT!

More information to follow soon.